Bounce Rates – A Canary In The Coal Mine.

Consider that people find your website and visit you intentionally. They do that because they are looking for something. They believe that you might provide a service, a product, or information that they seek. Bounce rates show us how many people are immediately discouraged upon arrival or are suddenly convinced that we don’t have what they seek when they first lay eyes on us. Continue reading “Bounce Rates – A Canary In The Coal Mine.” »

Three reasons why the cloud is more secure than your legacy systems.

New things can be scary. Especially with the way we handle our data. Before embracing a new platform, feature or technology we tend to worry at first. When it comes to cloud computing it isn’t any shock that the same thing seems to be true. Despite the fact that more than half of small to medium sized businesses use the cloud for storage there is still a good amount of confusion and even some uneasiness.


This is the first of a few concerns people often have. A legacy system can be historically hard to access and because of its limited access, often hackers were blocked from getting into the system unless they were specifically on site. Today many companies use them in tandem with cloud infrastructure and backup services. This means that those systems which were previously secure because of their limited access are now often easily accessible. Its flaw was once its best feature and today that feature has vanished out from under you. A locked door is no longer the only access point to these systems.

Cloud providers like ASPnix have physical data centers with armed security, redundant backup systems, cameras, and more. All activity is monitored and only authorized personnel come and go.

Limited Access

Cloud data is stored at a data center which keeps it geo-located separately from the data you have at your office. This means its more difficult to get all of the pieces of a puzzle and makes mission critical data harder to put together with stored cloud data. Human risk decreases and its harder for anyone to stumble onto data that can be used negatively.

Cyber Security

Due to the nature of things, obviously your information is more secure when you have professionals watching over it. ASPnix provides free antivirus, hardware firewall and other nice security features that can help keep you safe.


Redundancy is key and backups, power systems, accessibility all need to be 100%. Trusting professionals in a datacenter is a great way to have your cake and eat it too. Limiting the amount of responsibility on your part while also getting a better way to store your data, more accessibility without costing you more money.

To sum up what I am saying. Migrating to a cloud option with a company like ASPnix is a great way to save money, get more out of your data, have better access to your data, control how it can be accessed easily, increase your security and to make sure it stays backed up without dealing with the hassles and issues and threats you may have with your legacy systems.

Premium Support

Premium Support Plans

ASPnix Premium Support provides a highly personalized level of service for customers seeking technical help. Customers that do not select Premium Support will continue to have access to our Standard Support, offered at no additional charge, which includes the Knowledge Base and Community Forums.

Monthly Subscriptions

  Bronze Silver Gold Gold+ Platinum
      most popular    
Incidents included per month 5 10 50 100 200
Response time guarantee 12 hours 4 hours 1 hour 30 minutes 15 minutes
Secondary customer contacts 1 3 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Knowledge Base check check check check check
Community Forums check check check check check
Resolution to ASPnix-owned issues check check check check check
Shared Web Hosting Support check check x x x
Virtual and Cloud Servers Support check check check x x
Dedicated Servers Support x check check check check
Premier Access to Community Forums check check check check check
Customer’s local business hours availability check check check check check
One-on-one dedicated IM support check check check check check
Client side diagnostic tools check check check check check
Best practice guidance check check check check check
Manual backup and restore assistance x check check check check
Backup RAID Storage (disk space) included 25 GB 50 GB 100 GB 500 GB 1000 GB
Always available — any time, any day x check check check check
Software configuration and maintenance x x check check check
One-on-one phone support x x check check check
Proactive System Monitoring x x check check check
Application code review and assistance x x check check check
Direct access to Operations Manager x x x check check
White-glove case routing x x x x check
Management business reviews x x x x check
Monthly Pricing $50 $100 $500 $1000 $2000
  Order Order Order Order Order

For most common questions and answers about Premium Support please see our Knowledge Base.

Single Incident Requests

  • Custom virtual/dedicated server installation and configuration – $375
  • Custom migration of a single site with db and email – $125

NOTE: Any additional system administration work is priced at $125 an hour.

Which premium support plan best fits you?

  • Standard – I don’t need any premier help, I will contact ASPnix only if my site is unresponsive.
  • Bronze – I’m a shared hosting customer with couple requests a month such as app pool or IIS tweaks.
  • Silver – I’m a shared hosting or VPS customer with a few backup/restore and server configuration requests.
  • Gold – I’m a VPS or Dedicated server customer and regurlary require assistance with backups, configuration and maintenance.
  • Gold+ – I’m a Dedicated server customer and regurlary require assistance with backups, configuration and maintenance plus extra backup storage.
  • Platinum – I’m a business person and want a dedicated technician for my server around the clock.