SmarterMail & Mobile Devices – Blank / Empty Emails – Resolved

We’ve only had 2 complaints filed regarding the latest update of SmarterMail causing issues with Windows Phones. The issue has been reported that emails are downloaded and received by the phone’s email client, but there is no message body, it is essentially a blank email with a subject. We see that others have reported this issue on the SmarterMail forums so we expect this to be resolved soon, we will file a bug report as well to make sure this issue is looked over with our system as well as others who report this issue to make sure the cause is ironed out.

This issue now has been verified to affect Android as well as Windows Phone using the IMAP protocol.

As soon as an update is available to resolve this issue we will apply it, due to the nature of this issue we may not be able to announce a scheduled upgrade time as this may be affecting more customers and they have not realized it yet.

If you are experiencing this issue, please avoid contacting support about this as we are aware of it, do not remove the account from your phone at this time as it will make no difference and you will lose the content of previously downloaded emails.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding while we wait for a fix!

UPDATE: SmarterTools has released a fix for this issue and we have applied it to our installations. We would like to thank everyone for their patience during this time!

5 thoughts on “SmarterMail & Mobile Devices – Blank / Empty Emails – Resolved”

  1. The issue described above affects only IMAP based clients. If your device is setup POP3 or ActiveSync this does not apply.

    We’ve also confirmed that this issue does not affect Windows 8 tablets, this is only a Windows Phone 8 issue so far.

  2. Hi,
    I logged in to smarter mail using my iphone 5s, but i’m not able to type a message, keyboard is frequently dropping down after typing each letter. so, I drafted the mail using my messages app & then copy pasted it in the smartermail. Really i wasted 30min for typing 4 lines of message. please help me out.


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