MX01 Emergency Maintenance Restart

We’ve issued a restart to our SmarterMail services in order to apply a custom build that should fix a reverse DNS issue and several other smaller issues that were affecting the normal operation of the server.

Our apologies for the inconvenience!

Thank you for choosing ASPnix as your web hosting provider!

3 thoughts on “MX01 Emergency Maintenance Restart”

    • I really cannot give you an answer to “why”, unfortunately we do not have anything to do with the development of SmarterMail. Though a lot of the issues we are having lately are .net related.

      • Reverse DNS – Was an issue with SmarterMail using an older now deprecated .Net method that was sometimes returning invalid results
      • The SMTP lockup / service stalling issues was related to a method within .Net that would stop returning which caused a build up of threads and eventually caused the service to stall
      • The issue with users being stuck in the indexing queue is also related to above issue

      We are always doing our best to ensure the stability of our systems, unfortunately some issues are out of our hands. SmarterTools is doing a very good job though making sure everything is being addressed.

  1. thank you for your comments and understand that some software issues are not associated with ASPNIX but at the same time it creates issues on my end. I just never seen so many issues with an email service before now.

    Hoping for better service down the road.

    thanks again for your time.

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