WEB05, WEB09, WEB11, TS01-CO Outage (Resolved)

We are working to address an issue affecting WEB05, WEB09 and WEB11 and TS01-CO. While the servers are online they are not responding to network requests. We’ve tracked this issue down to a routing problem between our switch and primary router. We will be recycling our switch to rebuild our network routes as well as briefly cycling our router.

UPDATE #1: This is also affecting TS01-CO TeamSpeak services as well.

UPDATE #2: The routing issue has been resolved, however after further diagnostics, it appears that the switch has several ports that have failed. We are currently readying a new switch for the rack where these servers are located and will install it shortly.

UPDATE #3: All servers are now back online.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

And thank you for choosing ASPnix as your hosting provider!