MSSQL01 Poor Performance / Random Outages (Resolved)

We are aware of the an issue affecting USA SQL Server MSSQL01 and are working to resolve it. A drive has failed in the RAID array and a technician was dispatched to replace the drive, unfortunately one of the other technicians mistakenly marked the RAID array for rebuild before replacing the drive. This triggered the RAID array to rebuild with the failed drive, resulting in loss of performance and random outages / timeouts. The failed drive could be removed and a new one added in its place, but this is a risk to the RAID array and the rebuild process. We have decided it is best to wait for the rebuild / verification complete before removing the failed drive and replacing it.

Once the rebuild has completed we will replace the failed drive and the RAID rebuild will begin again, however since the drive is brand new there should be no performance issues and the server should be back online without any problems.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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