What is ASPnix backup policy for its servers and services?

You the customer are responsible for your account’s files, databases, emails and any other data related to your service / domains with us. While we do image servers regularly, these images are for quick restoration in the unlikely event a server fails.

We can retrieve deleted websites, databases and email accounts, however there is a $50 / incident or item. For instance; if you need 2 databases retrieved / restored by us the total would be $50 x 2 ($100). Backups may or may not be complete or up-to-date, however this is a risk the customer must take if requiring the host to restore any content, files, databases and email accounts.

VPS (Virtual Cloud Servers) are backed up each night using Altaro’s Hyper-V Backup and can be restored per the backup fee. The customer may opt’ for a custom backup solution with additionals fees. VPS units can be fully restored or individual files can be extracted from backups (Windows virtual machines only).

Dedicated Servers are not backed up automatically. It is the customer’s responsibility to maintain a backup solution or contact ASPnix to discuss backup options.

If your account is suspended we cannot offer any backups until the account is paid in full + any restoration / retrieval fees. If your account is terminated we may or may not be able to retrieve any data.

We make no guarantee that we can restore any of your data, and it is always the customer’s responsibility to keep up a valid up-to-date backup of their data. The following exclusions apply to shared hosting accounts…

  • Suspended accounts are not backed up and their content is ignored
  • Files larger than 1GB are ignored
  • Any video / audio files such as mp3, mp4, avi, mkv, .webm, .vob, .mov and many other video file formats
  • SQL Server .bak files
  • WebsitePanel backup files (.wspak)
  • IIS log files and any other files that end in *.log
  • ISO files
  • Certain directories such as backup/archive-named directories and their contents

SQL databases are backed up nightly, and are kept at 30-day rolling periods.

If you have any questions about this please contact our sales department.