Stay Ahead of SEO in 2018

This article is intended to talk a little about SEO and some best practices I recommend. As the year moves on we might revise this post a few times. Check back again in the future to see if its changed and please chime in below in the comments if you would like to contribute at all. 

A key focus in Google’s algorithm will always be On-Page SEO. Because of this it is a great place to start in an article like this one. This type of SEO is necessary to provide context. Organizing your content and making it easy for visitors to navigate to other relevant places on your site will always be important.

You can start by making compelling and descriptive titles. Although it may seem like a good idea to stuff as many keywords in as possible, be aware, the user experience must not suffer in exchange. Try and make use of simple descriptive keywords to gain the attraction of actual people and not just Google and its crawlers. Don’t forget to make descriptions and meta- titles.

Would you read a newspaper without headlines? Don’t neglect this. Practice writing attractive headlines for everything. Headers and sub headers also give a lot of the context to your website. Try and use the H1 as often as possible for the header.

Internal Links
A little focus on helping users navigate better is certainly a necessity.

Be Ready for Mobile Users.
Mobile users make up 60 percent (or more) of the traffic on the internet right now. Some people have even voiced a concern that in the very near future Google will probably prioritize mobile friendly sites over the others.

Furthermore, reducing image sizes, optimizing videos and making certain to design your page with responsiveness in mind will do nothing but positive things for your page and its traffic. Faster loading time can make a big impact.

HTTPS is Here to Stay.
SSL certificates are easy to install and there are free options like Lets Encrypt available. Google has been clear about how it plans on penalizing those who refuse to embrace it this year. With no real drawbacks to using it, there isn’t anything to lose. In the end your visitors and customers will feel safer on your website. Trust is especially valuable in E-commerce and that is what matters.

Make Content
The last thing you should be sure of is that you are making continuous original content. Even if your site has great search rankings if you don’t have any content people wont stay long or they will pass right on by you.