5 Web Design Trends That Will Thrive in 2018

Featuring five hot trends that you will see in web design this year that are are either gaining momentum or have already achieved maximum velocity.

Card Layout

One popular trend is to set up a website to focus on squares or rectangles. Each one serves to provide interest in a grid like pattern. It is thought this particular style promotes user interaction and may increase engagement.

Hamburger Menu

This is when you organize things in a “three lines and an image” type layout. It was adopted overwhelmingly as a mobile trend but that certainly hasn’t stopped it from showing up everywhere.

Inbound Video Content

Focusing specifically on creating nice videos that can generate impact and provide something extra for new and returning visitors. Video has become easier and easier to use in this way.

Fullscreen Format Forms

Face it, forms are boring. People get bored and leave without filling them out. That is why we started making them distraction free. By taking over the screen in a way that minimizes distractions and promotes completion we are ultimately just taking what we know about landing pages and applying that to our forms. In this way we are simplifying the process, taking steps out of the equation and leading customers toward the goal with fewer steps in the process.

High Quality Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but what if that picture is bound to make thousands of impressions? Images are of the utmost importance. Using high quality images to tell the story from a little more of a personal angle is a great way in which we see a lot of content that is a little different from years past. Content that still looks as professional as you would expect but has a little bit of a personal focus is a subtle way to breathe new life into your branding.