TeamSpeak Control Panel Updated – New Features & Bug Fixes

We are pleased to announce that we’ve updated our TeamSpeak control panel to support customizable hostnames! While we’ve had the ability to provide custom hostnames, it required you to submit a ticket and was cumbersome and annoying for our users! This is no more and is now a thing of the past! You can now create and manage your custom hostname from right within the control panel, no more submitting tickets, no more waiting! You can access this option under the “Server Hostname” icon. We’ve also imported all existing hostnames to user accounts as well.

We’ve also addressed a long-standing bug that stopped the “Remember Me” feature from working correctly. Users who select this option should now no longer have to login again once the browser has been closed. Note that if you use any cleaner addons or applications like ccleaner, make sure they do not delete the cookies for or the “Remember Me” feature will no longer work.

Full changelog…

  • Added custom hostname support
  • Fixed “Remember Me” not “remembering”
  • Fixed checkboxes not displaying properly in Chrome
  • Fixed web list not enabling / disabling properly when editing the server

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thank you for choosing ASPnix as your TeamSpeak provider!