SmarterMail Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance

This evening, Sunday, June 18th at 11PM MDT we will be performing an update to the SmarterMail service on our primary SmarterMail server as well as applying Windows Updates. We expect this update to take no longer than 60 minutes. This update resolves several reported issues over the past week including…

During this time, our incoming gateways will process and hold any incoming email and deliver them once we have completed the update.

All dates and times below are adjusted for your browser’s local time (when viewing on, otherwise UTC

Scheduled Date: 
Scheduled Time:
Max Outage Duration: 60 minutes

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support department.

Thank you again for choosing ASPnix as your web hosting provider!

6 thoughts on “SmarterMail Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance”

  1. When will the held emails be delivered? I haven’t received any (for 3 email addresses) from the time when the server was down, and I’m aware of one client getting error messages saying my email address no longer existed.

    I didn’t receive any held emails from the May upgrade either.

    • @Paula – All held emails were delivered within ~30 minutes of the server being started. It is up to 3rd party mail servers though to properly deliver mail to our backup gateways based on the MX priorities. If they do not attempt to deliver to our backup gateways, unfortunately we cannot do anything about these emails.

  2. Sure. Every other mail server is to blame, but not your systems, which is why not a single email from any other server got through, this time or during the May “upgrade”. Maybe you could talk with all the 3rd party mail servers then, so they know what they should be doing.

  3. So every other mail server is to blame, but yours worked fine, both this time and during the May “upgrade”?? That’s why no emails at all came through?? Maybe you could talk to the 3rd party mail servers and show them how to properly delivery mail then.

  4. @Paula – Sorry you feel that way. We do not have any other reports of this behavior from other customers, I myself receive mail after the mail server maintenance. While I can understand your frustration, our jobs are to take care of our systems and our networks. We do not get paid to manage others 🙂

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