MYSQL01-DE RAID Check / Server Maintenance

We are currently checking the RAID status of MYSQL01-DE. We’ve had small number of reports for corrupted databases and we are investigating this to see if this is a global issue or simply a local issue with the handful of database.

Thank you for your patience!

1 thought on “MYSQL01-DE RAID Check / Server Maintenance”

  1. Server will be back online within the hour. After many tests and stressing the server we found no reason why the databases became corrupt. We are restoring those failed databases free of charge for clients as this is not a 1 off issue, it has affected ~100 databases or so.

    That is about 1/10 of the databases on this server, so the majority of customers will not notice any issues other than the downtime.

    We apologize for the outage and we appreciate your patience during this time.

    Thank you!

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