MX01 SmarterMail Emergency Service Restart

We’ve issued a restart to our MX01 SmarterMail server at 8:10AM MST (9:10PM CST) to resolve an issue with accounts being stuck in the Indexing service queue. This reported issue caused emails to get rejected or stuck in queue while the mailbox was “locked” by the Indexing service.

Our apologies for any inconveniences caused by this, the server will be back online within the next 15- 20 minutes.

Update 1 (8:40AM MST): The server has not came back from the restart and our technicians are checking the status of the server now.

Update 2 (9:05AM MST): Technicians are still addressing the server and looking for the cause of why it will not boot up properly. Thank you for your patience.

Update 3 (9:15AM MST): The server has started, however we are doing a disk consistency check just to be sure the data integrity is 100%.

Update 4 (9:45AM MST): Disk check completed – the SmarterMail service is now starting up. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for choosing ASPnix as web hosting provider!

2 thoughts on “MX01 SmarterMail Emergency Service Restart”

    • The mail server is back online (and has been for about 45 minutes). We are not having any delivery issues, all emails have been delivered and handled from our backup mail servers.

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