MX01 Emergency Maintenance / Outage / Delivery Issues

Currently we are experiencing a locking / threading / timing issue with the SmarterMail core. This issue is being caused by the SmarterMail stats tracking system that monitors the spool and gathers statistics about senders, recipients and other information to aid in identifying spam outbreaks and other administrative tasks and our new RAID subsystem, which is causing an unrecoverable lock which eventually stalls the spool and email delivery. We’ve applied the “fix” from SmarterTools however, this has now rendered the mail server completely unable to deliver mail. Emails are being received by our MX01 system, however they are holding in spool and not delivering as they should.

SmarterTools support team and developers are aware of this problem are on looking into the cause at this time. They are aware of the critical nature of this problem and are working to determine the cause.

We understand the frustration of this problem, especially on a Monday morning, we are doing our best to resolve this, but unfortunately we are at the mercy of the SmarterTools development team to provide us the fix for this.

We’d like to thank everyone for their ongoing patience during this time.