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  • What are the limitations / settings of ASPnix server side languages?

    No comments March 1st, 2012 3560

    Our server side language limits and settings are as below…

    Classic ASP

    • 1GB maximum upload file size
    • 90 seconds maximum execution time

    ASP.NET (all versions)

    • 1GB maximum upload file size
    • 90 seconds maximum execution time

    PHP (all versions)

    • 64MB maximum file size for uploaded files
    • 60 seconds maximum script execution timeout
    • 1800 seconds maximum input timeout (wait for uploading files)
    • 2 FastCGI worker process / website

    IIS (web server)

    • 30 minute application pool (worker process) timeout
    • 100 concurrent connections
    • Application pool memory limits are based on the purchased shared hosting package
    • 1GB virtual memory allowed per site (worker process)

    We do not adjust server settings or adjust our limits for websites, if your application requires a custom setting or higher amounts of RAM (memory) you will need to upgrade / purchase a VPS or a Dedicated server solution.

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