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SmarterMail v16 is now released after many months in beta testing. We have been working with SmarterTools as well as many of our largest customers in testing and polishing of the beta and can say this is the most rock-solid SmarterMail released we have seen since we started with SmarterMail back at v1. This new build is a completely different SmarterMail than what our customers are used to seeing and using. A completely rewritten interface, many new features and more! For more information about what is new, checkout the new What’s New article here

The upgrade will take place this evening at 10PM MDT. This is a major upgrade of the SmarterMail system, so our administration team is giving this upgrade 1 hour to make sure it is completed correctly.

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Max Outage Duration:1 hour

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support department.

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9 thoughts on “SmarterMail Upgrade”

  1. Nice! The folder auto-clean function is highly welcomed. Custom login-screen is pretty too. Teams-functionality will be reviewed soon. Video conferencing using does not seen to work yet (using Win10&Firefox). Great update!

    • @Jeroen Feelders – Thank you for the comments. However, the folder auto-clean function has been a feature of SmarterMail for a very long time now :). The custom login-screen is a bit eh, many customers do not like the background images, so we will be changing that. The conferencing system is amazing! We have been using it internally for months now in testing, it really helps!

  2. It seems that the latest SmarterMail is very slow, i mean it takes long time to even open the URL. I don’t know why but it seems to have much more .js files and therefor longer loading times.. i hope this will be improved in the future.
    SmarterMail 15.x was ultra fast no issues whats so ever and not to mention the latest SmarterMail 16 is not even opening the page on a iPhone. i haven try on other devices tho will let u know.

  3. New smarter mail after update running very slow. can you advise if anything will updated soon to run faster.

  4. SmarterMail 16 performance will improve as updates release. Though the interface is a bit more “heavy” on the browser that previous versions of SmarterMail. We are also planning some hardware upgrades to the primary mail service that will also help.

  5. I find it very slow too, and can no longer get it to open on my Samsung phone. Which is really irritating if I’m out of town for a day and trying to ensure there are no issues with my business.

  6. Oh good grief, I’m not upgrading my phone because of your “upgrade”. Maybe work on having an interface that is a bit more user friendly, since the above comments indicate I’m not the only one having issues.

  7. @Paula – No one said anything about upgrading your phone. I stated that you could add your email account to your device’s email client and use POP / IMAP to check your mail rather than relying on the web interface if your device is not supported.

    This is technology, things are upgraded, technologies push forward requiring newer technologies to run them. Just the same as you cannot expect Internet Explorer 4.0 to properly render say of today. Or install Windows 10 on your computer that was built in 1995. Or ask Apple why you cannot install iOS 10 on your iPhone 3GS. As technologies improve, the requirements to run said technologies also go up with it.

    We tested the SmarterMail interface using Chrome (per SmarterTool’s requirements) on the Galaxy S5, S6, S7 and S8. The interface loaded perfectly acceptable. The number of complaints we have had around the interface being slow are not that bad actually, a small handful and so far, there was some performance issues in the beginning that were massively improved with our upgraded hardware.

    SmarterTools is continuing the improve the product every week. We are working closely with them to make sure issues are ironed out, unfortunately though, there are limitations on what we can expect the interface to work with properly.

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