SmarterMail Upcoming Maintenance

This evening, April 24th at 10PM MDT we will be performing an update to our primary SmarterMail server, build 7053. This build has many bug fixes and improvements.

  • SmarterMail to SmarterMail migration is now possible when the remote SmarterMail server supports EWS
  • An issue where folders may disappear from Apple Mail or Outlook for macOS when using EWS
  • Emails from a supposed “Trusted Sender” fail SPF checks but the spam scores are still zeroed out.
  • Content filters and folder auto-clean do not update folder paths if pointing to a child folder and the parent folder is renamed.
  • Creating appointments in web mail show up as free in Outlook with EWS.
  • Custom folders not always sorting alphabetically
  • Scenario in which DKIM header fields were not being properly signed
  • Task reminder notifications do not fire in web interface

And numerous other fixes and improvements.

During this time, our incoming gateways will process and hold any incoming email and deliver them once we have completed the update.

All dates & times are listed as UTC.

Scheduled Date: 
Scheduled Time:
Max Outage Duration: 1 hour

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support department.

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