PHP 7.0 Final supported on Windows shared hosting

php7-transparentWe are pleased to announce that PHP 7 has been completed and released for production use! We have supported PHP 7 since it was in beta stages, now all Server 2012 R2 web servers have been upgraded to the final / stable release. PHP 7 introduces many new features and improvements, including 2x performance increase over the already fast 5.6 release. Our PHP 7 installation is fully 64-bit supported, no 32-bit installs here!

Along with better performance, PHP 7 adds true 64-bit support for Windows, Scalar Type Hints, Return Type Declarations, a JIT engine, improved exception handling and more!

Even though this PHP release improves performance of applications massively, we do not recommend that everyone simply change their sites to use this PHP release. PHP 7 has many changes that may break your site or cause undesired issues. Please fully test your website and all functionality before simply updating your website’s PHP version. If you have a developer or webmaster that has created your PHP-based site, contact them to see if your website has support for PHP 7.

WordPress and Drupal are known to work very well under PHP 7 however, 3rd party templates and plugins may not work properly. So please test your application thoroughly! Please note that certain extensions are not yet available, such as ionCube, Zend Guard, SQL Server, and Phalcon. As these extensions are made available for PHP 7 we will install them.

We hope everyone enjoys the new release! If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please let us know.

Thank you for choosing ASPnix as your web hosting provider!