MYSQL01 (USA) Server Upgrade (5.1 => 5.5)

We will be performing an upgrade of our MySQL services in our US data-center on Friday, September 14th at 10PM MST. This upgrade will affect MySQL server MYSQL01, during this upgrade the MySQL services will be unavailable, and we expect this upgrade to take up to 2 hours. The initial upgrade of the core services will only take a few moments to complete, however the “mysql_upgrade” utility will be the majority of the required upgrade time. This utility will check all tables to insure compatibility with the new build of MySQL 5.5 and attempt to fix any incompatibilities where needed. This will also upgrade permissions to support any and all new features of MySQL 5.5.

Please make sure to backup all of your MySQL databases to your local computer before this time. You may use or the control panels “Backup Database” feature to do this. Please avoid submitting tickets to our support department in regards to a website or application being unavailable during the upgrade time.

We will update this post with information about the upgrade If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please contact our support department.

Thank you for choosing ASPnix as your Windows web hosting provider!

5 thoughts on “MYSQL01 (USA) Server Upgrade (5.1 => 5.5)”

  1. I will also comment on the “performance impact” question that we have received a few chats and tickets about.

    MySQL 5.5 has several improvements directly geared towards Windows deployments of MySQL and the performance of MySQL on Windows servers. Our Europe / Germany location has had MySQL 5.5 for quite some time now, and we see huge improvements in scalability, overall performance, CPU usage, RAM usage, disk I/O and throughput. We are very excited to see the performance improvements at work in our US location as this location has many more databases and is just more heavily used than our EU location.

    As for stability concerns, MySQL 5.5 has been available now in production for 2 years. Version 5.5 receives solid and continuous updates unlike v5.1, which no longer receives steady update releases. MySQL 5.5 is the current recommended production release by the MySQL development team. We have been using MySQL 5.5 in our Europe location now for quite some time (at least a year) and have no issues or concerns regarding stability.

  2. The upgrade has completed! It has completed well ahead of our tests, and there were zero (0) upgrade failures or notices given by the mysql_upgrade utility. Everything went smooth as silk!

    If you have any questions, or see any issues with your database – please let us know!

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