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  • MX01 Stability Issues Resolved

    2 comments November 29th, 2013 3573

    We are very happy to announce that the stability issues affecting MX01 / SmarterMail have been resolved. After working with SmarterTools for many months with back and forth exchanges of memory dumps, server files, test builds and stress testing we were able to find all the root causes and get them fixed within SmarterMail and our server updated. We’ve had ongoing issues with the following items…

    • Accounts getting stuck / locked in the indexing queue
    • High thread usage / stuck SMTP / POP / IMAP connections causing the service to stall
    • Reverse DNS checks failing on some connections
    • Adding a large number of outgoing emails to the spool causes the SmarterMail service to stall / crash

    Some issues will not be addressed until v12 due to their large code base changes. While these issues are not impacting our server, they do affect the administration end of SmarterMail and other performance impacts…

    • The SmarterMail service takes 10 – 20 minutes to start up
    • The webmail interface can be slow / unresponsive at times
    • Some HTML emails cause the webmail interface to be very slow / unresponsive
    • Viewing active / pending migrations with the ability to start / restart them

    SmarterMail v12 is currently in active beta and will be released soon. It brings many other features, fixes and efficiency improvements that we are sure will make our customers happy! We are not stopping with just SmarterMail improvements either, we are planning a brand new bigger, stronger and more powerful server to host our SmarterMail system, this will improve the performance of the system even further!

    We would like to thank all of our clients and users who have stood by us through this period knowing that we would resolve these issues! We know it has been a pain and has caused many inconveniences!

    Thank you for choosing ASPnix!

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  1. Thanks for keeping us posted. it is frustrating but most of the time when email stalls it’s not bringing me to a halt.

    Comment by mike clemens on December 2nd, 2013 at 10:00 PM

  2. No problem Mike! Oh we understand the frustration and then some! It is not good when the mail server cannot remain stable for more than a few days to maybe a week. Hats off to SmarterTools for their work with us and doing everything they could to fix all the issues we had. We feel that we’ve helped improve their product as well as improve our services with finding and resolving all the instabilities as well as offer up new ideas for SmarterMail!

    Comment by Christopher York Staff Member on December 3rd, 2013 at 12:54 AM

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