Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6 Release Update, PHP 7 Update and SmarterMail AV Updates

Earlier this week, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2015 and the .Net Framework 4.6 which includes ASP.NET 5, lots of excitement has been around these releases and we’ve had many customers asking about our upgrade plan for .Net 4.6 and when we will support it. We are very pleased to announce that this evening at 9PM MDT we will roll out the new .net release to all web servers.

The new release of .net includes many improvements and new features which can be reviewed on Microsoft’s MSDN

We will also take this maintenance period to also upgrade PHP 7 to the latest release. We are very pleased to see the reception of PHP 7 and the number of clients that are already testing it!

We are also looking to improve our SmarterMail system’s AV protection with very powerful AV scanner. At this time however, there are some technical issues with SmarterMail that are being addressed, once the SmarterTools team has resolved the issues we will be providing more information about this new AV technology and its massive improvements.

Scheduled Date: 07-25-2015
Scheduled Time:
 3:00 AM GMT
Max Outage Duration: 10 Minutes / Server