Goodbye Gene6, hello Cerberus FTP server!

It is with great sadness that we start to say goodbye to a long time service and friend, Gene6 FTP Server. We’ve used Gene6 as our FTP server of choice for just over a decade and it has been a rock solid FTP server! It is one of the most stable products we’ve ever used since we entered into the hosting business nearly 12 years ago. While Gene6 remained a well maintained product with updates and great product support, it is sad to say that Gene6 is a dead product. We’ve contacted their support many times over the past few years just to see if anyone would respond, unfortunately, no luck. Forums are not maintained or monitored or answered by any Gene6 staff members.

It is time now to move forward and say goodbye to the trusty FTP server as we need to expand our service offerings! Everyone say hello to Cerberus FTP Server! Our brand new coming FTP solution will make managing your website and content even easier! So what does Cerberus offer that Gene6 did not?

  • The most requested feature we’ve had running for many years – HTTP (web) based management, customers will be able to manage their content using a browser with no FTP client needed!
  • Another highly requested feature – SFTP, customers will be able to using standard FTP alongside SFTP based file transfers
  • New authentication methods, including standard password and SSH (public / private) keys as well as a combination of the two
  • Advanced file sharing
  • Improved transfer performance
  • And more!

Unfortunately, there is no migration to Cerberus to Gene6 and this service will only be rolled as we start migrating web servers to our all new Cloud-based services which will be happening over the next few months. Existing FTP accounts in Gene6 will be removed and the users account will be upgraded to support Cerberus as we migrate customers. Customers will need to then recreate their FTP accounts.

WEB03-DE will be updated later this evening to support Cerberus, we are also prepping a new WEB02-DE, as clients are migrated to it and the older FTP accounts will be removed.

If you have any questions or comments or concerns, please let us know!

Thank you for choosing ASPnix as your Windows hosting provider!