New anti-spam solution powered by Commtouch

We are very happy to announce that we’ve updated our anti-spam solution to include Commtouch! This cloud based anti-spam solution has a 99% detection rate with nearly no false-positives making it one of the best solutions on the market. Their systems process over 10 billion requests per day and then use this collected data to determine if an email is spam based on the data of these collected requests. Since this is a live service even new outbreaks are detected quickly and stopped before they reach your inbox!

Since this service is live and fully interactive, if you report an email as “spam” or “not spam” through the SmarterMail interface the email is reported to the Commtouch center and their detection algorithms rework why the email was classified or not classified as spam properly. By reporting a false-positive or an email not categorized as spam you contribute to the nearly half-a-billion users that use this service and help stop the spreading of spam!

What makes this service different from the previous?

Previously we used multiple SpamAssassin servers to handle checking inbound email for spam, while this was a great solution for quite some time it required separate servers, manual configuration and babying by technicians to make sure it was always processing messages correctly. We received quite a few complaints regarding missed detection of obvious spam emails and had no real protection against live outbreaks.

We are now being less aggressive with our RBL (real-time blacklist) lookups which we used to help combat against servers who have been used to send spam. While this worked very well, it unfortunately stopped a lot of legit email. We are not going to stop using RBL lists completely, but we are cutting back on many of the ones that we have issues with reporting false positives.

If you have any questions regarding this new anti-spam service, please contact our sales department!

Thank you again for choosing ASPnix!