WEB01-DE Outage (Resolved)

We are currently investigating an issue affecting the WEB01-DE server and other services we have operating on a node in our Nuremberg Germany data-center. We have technicians on site currently and should have a report shortly of what the issue is and when it will be resolved.

Thank you for your patience!

UPDATE #1 – The SSD boot drive that runs the virtualization system has failed. The WEB01-DE server data is fine as it is stored on a separate RAID system. We are installing the Hyper-V core OS now and will attach the WEB01-DE server back to the new installation and start it. Please allow us about 30 – 45 minutes.

UPDATE #2 – The server is online and operational, however due to a routing issue within our provider’s data-center traffic is not making it to the server.

UPDATE #3 – The routing issue should be fixed within the next hour.

UPDATE #4 – The server is now back online and operational.

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  1. My apologies that the updates were not displaying. This was due to a caching error on the post.

    The server is now online and functioning. Unfortunately the secondary issue was outside our hands as there was an issue within our provider’s data-center causing traffic routing issues. Many many servers were affected by this all over. The issue has been fixed and the root cause identified and fixed to prevent any future outages like this.

    If we were affected by this, please contact our billing department to receive a credit on your account.

    Thank you!

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