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  • How to display the Public Pay module link to clients

    No comments June 24th, 2014 2835

    As of build 2.0.1, our module now automatically adds the “Public Pay” link to the WHMCS “Shortcuts” menu, just above the “Logout” menu option. The below is no longer required unless you choose to manually edit your template. This applies to the native WHMCS 6 template or templates built for WHMCS 6.

    Add the following line in your WHMCS client area template where you’d like the link to the Public Pay module to display to your clients. We use the clientareahome.tpl template file to display the link. The module must be activated and configured for the link to work correctly.

    <a href="index.php?m=public_pay">Public Pay (Group Pay)</a>

    Please note that the group pay link above is only available to clients when they are logged into the WHMCS client area. The unique public pay link for each client will look like the link below. This link is the one your clients will provide to the public to accept payments


    If you have any questions, please contact our support department.

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