What are the API requirements for the Coinbase Payment Gateway module?

The following API settings are required to be able to accept Crypto Currency payments from your WHMCS installation… Both an API Key and API Shared Secret are required for the new Coinbase Commerce system.

  1. Select “Whitelisted Domains” please add the URL to your WHMCS installation
  2. Select “API keys” we recommend selecting “Create an API key” and creating a new one
  3. Select “Webhook subscriptions” and select “Add an endpoint” setup as shown below
  4. Select “Webhook subscriptions” and select “Show shared secret”

Our module supports the following Webhook events… No other events should be enabled.


In the Webhook Subscription URL, remember to replace WHMCSURL with your WHMCS URL, for example, for us, our URL is billing.aspnix.com – If your WHMCS operates in a subdirectory such as yourdomain.com/clientarea, please include the subdirectory as well.

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  1. What should we enter for the Callback Secret in WHMCS? Is this simply a string of characters that we randomly enter?

    Thank you for these instructions, they have been a big help!

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