World Password Day 2014

Today is World Password Day, a public service announcement to remind the users on the Internet to change their passwords and to spread awareness of using strong, secure passwords. Remember to avoid using short simple to guess passwords or common words or phrases. We know that remembering obscure random passwords is hard, but the benefits outweigh the risks, plus there are several services and programs that can help store your passwords safely and securely. LastPass, KeePass, Mcafee LiveSafe, Password Vault Manager, DashLane and many others can store passwords, credit card numbers, website information and more!

Make sure to change your passwords for important services such as your billing account, control panel, FTP, email accounts, social media, banking and other services that may store sensitive information about you, your personal details, financial information etc.

If you’ve changed your passwords, make sure you also scan your computer for viruses, malware or spyware just to be safe!

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