Whats the difference between ASPnix Reseller Hosting and Being an ASPnix Affiliate? (Part 1)

In part 1 of 2 we are going to talk about and compare Affiliate Marketing and Reseller Hosting. For some the questions about Reseller Hosting vs. Affiliation has become a bit confusing lately so today we are going to clear up any misunderstanding regarding these different options.

Firstly, it should be said that both of these choices hold the potential to be very lucrative. It is entirely possible to make a reliable source of passive income, a great way to monetize your online presence, or a way to build an entire online business from either of these opportunities.

The bad news is that like any opportunity there isn’t a magic bullet to success. In the real world if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. That said, there are more than a few ways to make an honest living with an online business and if you are realistically looking then you probably didn’t find yourself here reading this post by accident. You probably got here by directly searching for this kind of information, or you found this post through your involvement with one of any number of forums related to making money online. Using the methods we are talking about today will certainly help you to get started making money if you are willing to apply yourself but be mindful of shortcuts. For every good opportunity there are a hundred scams out there.

Affiliate Marketing

Do you already review products or services? Do you have a video channel, website, blog or news letter? Maybe a podcast, or tv/radio show? A popular social media account? An affiliate marketing program is a way to monetize your popularity. If you already have any of these things then you should seriously consider joining an Affiliate Marketing Program as soon as possible. Just being in a position where traffic is following and interacting with your content means that inevitably someone is going to click on whatever links you provide and every brand knows that. Because of that there are lots of different kinds of programs out there which are all meant for different types of people and different situations. Remember to always read the fine print and shop around to find the best fit for yourself and your audience.

How do I get paid to be an affiliate?

Some companies will want to pay you per click on their advertisements, some will want to pay per view of their advertisement, and some will want to pay you per sale. Depending on the product or company it is almost always safest to depend on getting paid per view, but unfortunately you probably won’t make much money doing it this way. This type of advertiser will always pay you the very least because this kind of advertising offers the very least value to them. Companies searching for this kind of attention to their brands are usually smaller companies who are unwilling or unable to share much of their profits with their affiliates or in some cases just can’t really afford much better marketing.

The most lucrative way to get paid for affiliation is to find a company willing to share a percentage of their sales with you. The biggest suggestion I can give you is to look at hosting companies. They are notorious for paying the most in payouts to their affiliates, being the least stingy with when and how payouts occur and the most accommodating in all of the ways in which they can pay you out (Paypal, direct deposit, check, apple pay, etc.).

So how does it work?

Two things are most important to note when earning money through a pay per sale affiliate program like ASPnix offers. First, it might be hard to make money in the beginning if you are just starting out. To learn how to get better at making money this way read, learn and ask questions. Join a forum for affiliate marketing. Learn more about how to generate traffic and in turn you will begin seeing conversion rates go up as you improve. Secondly, the pay is almost always much better over time with the types of affiliates who are willing to pay you based on your performance. An affiliate company that wants you to succeed will value you more. In turn they are more competitive in the ways they invest in and reward affiliates that they work with.

How to make it work

Here is the catch, the way to make money at this isn’t crazy complicated. JUST FOCUS ON MAKING GOOD CONTENT. If you make good content people will want to view it, share it, and discover it. If you make honest reviews people will want to take your advice. If you review products that you believe in then RECOMEND THEM. Try to get paid for recommending and reviewing those products that you feel great talking about. If you review a product or a service and you include an affiliate link to it, inevitably someone will want to buy that awesome product and will probably buy it through your link.

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