Free Minecraft Hosting Trial


We are very pleased to announce our upcoming Minecraft server hosting plans and packages! We’ve been asked this question thousands of times… “When will ASPnix provide game server hosting?”. The most popular game server request is now here! Well… Almost. We are opening up a free 30-day period to all ASPnix customers as well as anyone else who’d like to try out and test our Minecraft hosting platform! You can signup now and try a Minecraft server 100% free for 30 days, with 512MB of RAM allowing your server to host up to 10 friends and family members!

Why are we offering this? Can’t we test our own servers? Sure. We could, but we’d prefer to open this up to more customers and users than we here can throw at our servers. We need to stress our servers and network to find any kinks or issues before we fully launch our new services. We’d also like feature requests, as well as additional training to our Minecraft support guys, work out any bugs or issues with our control panel and tweak the servers while they are under load.

If you are interested, click here and use promo code MC30FREE during checkout. Please note that this is a trial / test / beta-like period. There are no uptime guarantees, no backups and a limited level of support. If you experience any issues, please contact our support department so all issues can be logged and addressed.

Server capacity at this time is limited as this is a trial / test period, so hurry and signup to get your server! We will also be offering a 20% discount to those that help test our new platform once the test period is over and wish to keep their server.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please let us know! To everyone that signs up, happy Minecrafting!!!