New Backup Solution for Hyper-V Customers

We are pleased to announce that we have started a new backup solution for our Hyper-V VPS customers!

Hyper-V Backup - Powered by Altaro

This solution allows us to give an automated and secure backup solution to all of our Hyper-V VPS customers. In the unlikely and unfortunate event of a failure, we can restore customer virtual machines and get customer’s services back online and running. With this, we can also backup customer virtual machines without having to shut them down or interrupt normal operations, this includes non-Windows virtual machines as well! Altaro’s Hyper-V Backup puts limited strain on the server during backup operations allowing us to keep the server performing at its best and still give peace of mind to our users!

We would like to state though that this is not a replacement for customer’s doing their own backups and we emphasize that customers keep their own backup solution running. Backup images created by this software can only be used with this software – customers who lose a file or accidentally delete an important document etc. are not covered by this solution. This solution is to guard against complete server failure, complete virtual machine failure and OS corruption / boot failures.

Please contact our sales department if you have any questions related to or about this software / solution.

Thank you for choosing ASPnix as your Hyper-V / VPS provider!