ASPnix Monthly Newsletter June 2010

ASPnix June 2010 Newsletter

New ASPnix website: will soon have a new face with a lot of new features and plans. The website will feature a refreshing new look and far better navigation system than the current one. Our web team is currently working on the new website and will be releasing the updated site soon. Keep visiting for updates.

Updated support pages:

Support page has been updated to provide visitors with troubleshooting support and knowledgebase articles. Articles are categorized to help visitors search for the kind of article or help they are looking for. Support page can be accessed at If you haven’t done so yet, please register on our support portal.

Status page shows the status of all the services that ASPnix provides which are Web Services, Stats Services, Mail Services and Database Services. It can be accessed at

ASPnix community page has been updated with new look and feel to enhance the visitor’s experience. The new and updated community page can be accessed at

ASPnix Blog:

ASPnix has updated their blogs with a new look and style. ASPnix blog has always been one of the vital sources of information for our clients and community members.

Blogs are updated regularly by our staff and experts with information related to our services and informing web developers with new methods with which they can make their websites more efficient with our services.

The ASPnix blog can be accessed at Please subscribe to our RSS feed to be updated regularly.

New Control Panel:

The new control panel is still under development and our development team is hard at work to make it better in every way than the current control panel (HELM).

The new control panel will make it a lot easier for our clients to manage their hosting and servers. Resellers will be able to work with new billing system, which will make invoicing very simple and easy. Also the new control panel will be available to our VPS clients who want to manage IIS and FTP remotely without using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Keep visiting our blogs and community page for more information about our upcoming new control panel.

Facebook, Twitter:

Other than ASPnix blogs and ASPnix community forums, ASPnix also has expanded its client base through Facebook and Twitter.

ASPnix has been updating its community about it services and news through Facebook wall updates and feeds. Be sure to join ASPnix Facebook page to stay updated with us and leave your feedback about our services. Here you can access the our Facebook page:

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service which allows users to send and receive text based posts known as ‘tweets’, which can be viewed on the author’s Twitter page. Visit ASPnix’s Twitter page here: and stay up-to-date with latest news.