ASPnix Monthly Newsletter July 2010

ASPnix Newsletter July 2010

ASPnix New Website:

ASPnix has launched its new website with new look and style. Check the site at The new website introduces new plans and services for our clients. Summary of these services and plans is below:

Trial Web Hosting – Trial Web Hosting allows users to test our hosting service before they can decide to buy a hosting plan from us. Our trial hosting feature includes all the latest web technologies with unlimited bandwidth so that the users can experience the performance of our servers.

Beginner Web Hosting – Beginner Web Hosting is for customers who are short on budget but want a good web hosting service that caters to all their web hosting needs for a small website. Beginner Hosting is supported by managed web servers which are maintained by highly skilled professionals.

Virtual Private Desktops – Virtual Private Desktop allows you to have a complete remote desktop experience with Microsoft Windows 7. Virtual Desktops are also good for remote development. You get a secure remote desktop with a dedicated IP address.

Semi-Dedicated Servers – Semi-Dedicated Server is a unique offer by ASPnix. Semi-dedicated servers are configured to support a very few amount of users that are sharing the resources of the server. ASPnix handles the security and maintenance of the server so that the users can concentrate on their projects hosted on the server.

Colocation Service – ASPnix offers a data center space for your servers. Servers are kept in very secure cabinets equipped with locking mechanisms. Some of the features of colocation are Burstable or rate limited 100Mbps and 1Gbps low latency bandwidth, Escorted physical access to equipment and Space available from 1U to Full Cabinets.

Platform Hosting – ASPnix offers platform hosting for many different frameworks and CMS. These include Sitefinity Web Hosting which is a .NET application, WordPress, a PHP and MySQL powered open source CMS, Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting and DotNetNuke Hosting. Customers who choose platform hosting get installation, configuration and full support of their chosen application.

ASPnix also offers design and web development services for you. Templates can be created from designs sent by you. Our experts create designs based on your requirements and develop websites using the latest web development tools and technologies.

German Datacenter:

ASPnix has recently established a data center in Germany and is ready to accept Virtual Private Server Clients to the German Datacenter. In order to have a great performance with our VPS service, we suggest that our European clients migrate to the German Datacenter.

Due to its Geographical location, our clients in Europe will experience far better performance and less latency than they do on the US servers.

Also we have added a new nameserver address so the clients from Europe are free to use it with their domains.

Social Media:

ASPnix keeps in touch with its clients through forums and a many social networking websites. This helps us improve and add new features to our services based on the feedback of our clients and update them with latest updates and news. Subscribe to Official ASPnix Blog at

ASPnix has a community website which can be accessed at Our community website is full of articles related to our services and technologies. Our experts and staff members are active members of the community and they are always willing to take part in discussions and educate you about our services.

Facebook is a well-known social networking website which has been around for a few years now. ASPnix has a Facebook page which helps us connect to our users around the world who let us know what they think of our service though wall posts and comments. Our Facebook page can be accessed at

Twitter is a microblogging service which lets users send and receive text based messages known as ‘tweets’. ASPnix has a Twitter page that can be accessed at This page is updated regularly with news and information regarding our services.