ASPnix Monthly Newsletter – May 2010

May 2010 Newsletter covers new Anti Spam Gateway, news on upcoming Control Panel, New ASPnix Datacenter in Germany, Social Media updates, Google Apps information and ASP.NET4/MVC2 availability.

Anti-Spam Gateway:

ASPnix has always given a high priority to security of its servers so that our customers always have a secure and threat free services. Recently ASPnix has implemented a new Anti-Spam Gateway that will filter the email traffic and stop the spam emails resultantly reducing the mail server load by 90%, significantly increasing the efficiency of the mail servers. No action is required from ASPnix clients. Just enjoy new Anti-Spam Gateway and amazing performance of Mail Servers.

New Control Panel:

The Developers team at ASPnix is hard at work with new control panel. The new control panel will be a great improvement over HELM.

The new control panel will be easy to use and will be well integrated with our servers. Our Clients will be able to manage more features, domains and resources with a great deal of flexibility. The new control panel will be available also to our VPS clients who want to manage IIS and FTP remotely without using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Currently the new hosting panel is under development. We will be giving out more details about it on our website, blog and newsletters.

New ASPnix Data Center in Germany:

ASPnix proudly announces that it has recently established a data center in Germany. Initially it will be used for clients with dedicated server plans and VPS plans. We are still working on getting the shared hosting plans up and running which should be any time soon.

We also have added a new Domain Name Server address Clients from Europe are welcome to use it with their domains.

Social Media:

ASPnix is always finding ways to increase its community and client base. ASPnix has joined a number of social networks.

ASPnix has been on Facebook for some time now and has been updating its members and fans about its services, news and technology through news feeds, notes and wall updates. So be sure to join the ASPnix Facebook page to stay updated with all the latest news and fun facts. The ASPnix Facebook page can be accessed at

ASPnix also has a Twitter page which is updated regularly with news and updates. Twitter is another social networking and microblogging service that allows its users to send and read message known as ‘tweets’ which are text-based posts that appear on the author’s page and are delivered to subscribers.  ASPnix Twitter page can be accessed at:

Other than Facebook and Twitter, ASPnix has its own Community Forums which can be visited at The ASPnix Community has always been a good place to take part in discussions about our hosting services and web development. Our staff members are active members of the community and they are more than willing to take part in the discussions with you at all times.

ASPnix always welcomes user feedback and reviews since it helps us understand our clients and make our services better. ASPnix recently received a Business Excellence Award from RatePoint, thanks to the feedback from our customers who are more than satisfied by the services we offer. Please visit RatePoint ASPnix independent feedback page at and let us know your thoughts about our services.

Google Apps Mail Server Conflict:

Our Clients who have decided to use Google Apps on their domains may experience a conflict with their mail server at ASPnix which results in email loss and SMTP failure. Our Clients who wish to use Google Apps or are currently using it should contact ASPnix support at so we can remove MX records on our mail server to avoid possible conflict on DNS level.

Remember ASPnix now has a brand new Anti-Spam Gateway and it might be a good time for you to switch back to SmarterMail at ASPnix. It’s now more than 90% faster!

ASP.NET 4.0, MVC2:

ASPnix is always up to date with latest web development technologies available. Recently ASPnix started supporting ASP.NET 4.0 which benefits from the latest .NET Framework 4.0.

ASPnix has recently upgraded to MVC 2 which also supports .NET Framework 4.0. MVC 2 can be installed side-by-side on the same machine as ASP.NET MVC 1.0 (meaning they don’t conflict and your existing ASP.NET MVC 1.0 projects will not be impacted if you install it.

All the new Servers will be set to full trust by default which will allow you to run Web services with full trust and applications can perform privileged operations and access resources subject only to operating system security and Windows access control lists (ACL). Remember, all websites on ASPnix are protected by private Application Pools.