Windows Control Panel Scheduler Issues Resolved

Last month (May) we were working very hard at updating our Windows Control Panel scheduling system and improving its stability, efficiency, accuracy and scalability. The update is now completed and we are very happy to announce that the new scheduling system has been implemented!

So, whats changed?

  • Scheduling system runs as its own process (independent from IIS)
  • Accuracy of launching tasks has been significantly improved
  • Improved “Running Tasks” handling in the portal for resellers and users
  • System can now handle hundreds or more simultaneous executing tasks
  • Task execution speed has been increased – tasks now start and complete quicker
  • Long-running tasks are now managed more efficiently
  • Tasks that execute many commands or have a lot of API interaction are now handled more efficiently
  • Running processes now consume less memory and CPU cycles
  • “Missed” tasks are now executed once the scheduling system comes back online

Thank you for choosing ASPnix as your web hosting provider!