Windows Control Panel Feature Addition – New Scheduled Tasks

The Windows control panel has now been updated to support 3 new scheduled tasks!

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The 3 new scheduled tasks available are…

  • Enable / Disable Mail account auto-responder
    • This is useful for customers who set and auto-responder daily for support, sales, billing and other types of accounts that have set operation hours. In order to alert customers that they are “closed” and will respond once they return etc. This now automates that so customers do not have to worry about logging in and out of the control panel to set this item every single day.
  • Execute PHP File
    • This allows customers to execute PHP files in a “cron job” type way. Where the PHP file are executed at the command line and not by the web server. This is useful for long running operations where the web server may timeout. Tasks such as executing WHMCS cron jobs, WordPress crons, and other types of PHP files may be executed by this.

For questions about these new features, please contact our Support department.

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