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  • Windows Control Panel Feature Addition – FTP Account IP Restrictions

    No comments December 18th, 2013 2763

    The Windows control panel has been updated to support IP restrictions for FTP accounts!

    IP restrictions allow you to define IP addresses that are “Allowed” or “Denied” access your FTP account. This is especially useful for clients that are on static IP addresses or dynamic IP addresses that do not change often. You can specify for example your home or office IP address and deny all others. Even if an intruder has your account credentials, they are unable to login due to the IP restriction you have in place! There are no limits to the number of IP addresses you can specify, add as many as needed!

    We recommend that anyone that has the ability to use this feature does so as it increases your hosting account’s security.
    Thank you for choosing ASPnix as your web hosting provider!

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