New Upcoming SmarterMail v11 Release!

An all new version of SmarterMail is around the corner, so we’ve decided to give a little insight and information into what is new and what to expect with this new release! As always we do our best to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies so we will be updating to SmarterMail v11 once it reaches release status. SmarterMail v11 has focused on performance and efficiency of the web interface as well as ActiveSync enhancements and multilingual enhancements. So let’s dive into the new features right away!

  • The web interface has been largely rewritten with performance in mind. CSS files now make use of LESS and many of the web controls have been refactored to perform better. The behind-the-scenes work has also been refactored to remove any unneeded / redundant JavaScript, HTML and CSS code / elements for better performance
  • Flash based controls for reporting have been removed
  • Users now have the ability to customize the user interface colors and the user interface layout without needing access to system resources / files
  • Improvements to the ActiveSync protocol, especially for large mailboxes
  • Improved calendar / appointment control
  • Improved spell checker and the integration of an all-new Grammar Checker control. As well as integration of 17 languages and custom dictionaries
  • Contacts can now be further personalized with the addition of contact pictures. These can be carried over to 3rd party clients and ActiveSync devices
  • Support for right-to-left languages and over all improved multilingual support
  • Users can now set start dates and end dates for their auto-responders
  • Detection of possible missing attachments
  • And much more!

This new version of SmarterMail brings many new features, fixes, improvements and furthers SmarterMail in the mail server world as one of the more serious mail servers available. We are pleased that we are able to bring the latest version of SmarterMail to our customers for use as soon as it is available! We know many customers will enjoy the improvements (especially those customers who need the right-to-left reading).

Thank you again for choosing ASPnix as your web hosting provider!