MX01 Outage / Service Issues

We are currently addressing an outage of the MX01 service. The issue has been on and off for the past 6 hours. Originally the SmarterMail service stalled and we issued a restart to the server, once the server came back online we noticed several accounts were not loading properly due to corruption of their userConfig.xml file. Most accounts were able to be restored through their userConfig_bak.xml (backup) file, however some users also had this file corrupt as well resulting in the corruption of the account settings.

We’ve reloaded the corrupt accounts with new (random) passwords and default settings, users will need to check their accounts to make sure all settings are correct and reset if necessary.

This can be done through the ASPnix control panel at by going to “Email Accounts” and clicking on each account that is being affected and providing a new password as well as adjusting any other settings as required.

Currently MX01 is doing a full disk integrity check to ensure there is no more data corruption or incomplete files.

4 thoughts on “MX01 Outage / Service Issues”

  1. I understand that “stuff” happens. My main complaint is that the default mailbox settings were 100MB limit. So immediately, any IMAP users were having messages rejected until it was realized. For some users, it was about 5 hours. For others, they still might not be aware of a problem until they get to the office this morning.

  2. @Lee The server has been online since 1:30AM MST.

    @Todd Richards – You can check the accounts within the control panel and reset them as needed.

    Drop in a ticket, and we can do our best to see which users were affected.

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