MX01 Outage / Service Issues

Mail server MX01 suffered an outage at 5:39PM MST caused by the SmarterMail MailService.exe process crashing due to an unhandled exception in one of the 3rd party libraries used by SmarterMail. We’ve opened a ticket with the SmarterTools development team to see if they are able to determine the cause of the crash. SmarterMail v12 has went beta and has a very large amount of core improvements and code refactoring that we believe will help the stability of SmarterMail. We are also in the process of prepping the migration of our MX01 SmarterMail service to a brand new server with a faster processor, more RAM, just an all around much better server.

The service is now back online and is operating properly. We’ve checked the start up logs and found no other errors or issues.

Please let us know if you have any questions!