MSSQL01 Outage (Resolved)

Currently the MSSQL01 SQL Server is offline due to a failure in the RAID subsystem. During a normal rebuild of the RAID array after a failed drive had been replaced, additional drives failed within 5-10 minutes of each other causing a loss of the RAID and all data stored within it.

Currently the server is being restored from the last bare metal backup image (12:06AM MDT). We expect this rebuild will take a few hours to complete. Once done, the server will be restored to full operational status.

Thank you for your patience during this time.

4 thoughts on “MSSQL01 Outage (Resolved)”

  1. good day no way to retrieve the information yesterday that we mssql01 as we are point of sale and I have lost sales

  2. @Angel, my apologies for the issues yesterday. Unfortunately it was just a freak incident where we lost enough drives in succession that caused the failure / loss of the RAID.

    If your system is mission critical, I would recommend mission critical grade hosting with one of our dedicated servers. You can operate your own MSSQL installation, control your own updates schedule as well as the backup schedule of your server and databases.

    Contact our sales team and we can workout a custom solution and quote you for a dedicated server.

  3. We should have been notified the moment it happened, our service is mission critical and we could have avoided alot of confusion and embarrasment.

    • All customers were notified shortly after this post was created. Our system automatically notifies all customers with “Active” hosting subscriptions of outages that are affecting their services.

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