ASPnix now supports WebDAV publishing!

We are very happy to announce that we now support WebDAV publishing to more easily manage your website’s content! Map a network drive, use clients such as WebDrive, BitKinex, Cyberduck and many others! What is so great about it? For our customers that use Windows you can easily map a drive to your website and browse / manage your website’s content without the need of a 3rd party client, just like it was a local hard drive or folder!

There are however a few small restrictions which are outlined below…

  • Windows-based authentication cannot be used if Helicon APE is enabled for your website
  • If your website or application relies on RESTful PUT or DELETE verbs, WebDAV should not be enabled
  • WebDAV is only available on the root website application, we do not support WebDAV for virtual directories at this time

WebDAV is enabled on all client hosting packages (resellers will need to manage their hosting plans separately). Simply select the website you wish to enable WebDAV on and select the “WebDAV” tab.

We believe this feature will make it easier for users to manage their website’s content, especially Windows users who can easily map network drives and have direct access to their content without the need of any 3rd party applications!

Thank you for choosing ASPnix as your Windows web hosting provider!