Discontinuation of Linux Hosting Services

It is unfortunate to announce that we’ve discontinued our Linux web hosting services. We feel it is best that we focus on our primary / major services. This would be Windows web hosting, VPS and TeamSpeak hosting. With the very large growth of our TeamSpeak services and the continued expansion and growth of our Windows web hosting services we feel it would be best to continue focusing our efforts in these directions.

To those customers that would like to stay with us, we are offering our Windows “Personal Hosting” package at the annual rate as our Linux web hosting plans. Our Windows web hosting services support PHP, MySQL and Perl as well as ASP.NET, SQL Server, SmarterMail and SmarterStats. Our Windows web hosting services also support Apache’s .htaccess / mod_rewrite modules as well! Other features include a scheduling system, WHMCS integration support, fully customizable control panel for resellers.

Our Windows control panel system is another reason we are focusing on our Windows based services as we can fully customize and update our Windows control panel. WebsitePanel is a open source control panel and allows us to fully customize it to meet our needs. We hope that you decide to give our Windows services a try! Some have already migrated to it and find that moving from Linux to Windows is not that bad! The control panel is very organized, each website has its own folder, logs, data directories and more!

Our Linux web hosting servers and services will be taken offline on February 1st, 2014. This should allow ample time for all clients to determine their options.

Thank you again for choosing ASPnix!