ASPnix free IP address lookup utility now available

ASPnix is pleased to announce our free IP lookup utility! Many times we are required to ask customers what their “Internet facing” or “public” IP address is, most do not know what this means, where to get it, or provide their local IP address. So, we’ve decided to create our own free utility, no ads, no extras, no frills, just a quick and simple to use utility to get your Internet facing or public IPv4 and IPv6 IP address!

Our tool also has the ability to provide GeoIP information as to the geographical information about your IP address. Which can help give more information about a visitor to your website or a suspicious looking IP address and more!

Simply go to in your browser and you will be provided your IP address as well as any geographical information if available. We also have other options as well…

Are you a developer? Awesome! We have a great solution for developers as well! Take a look at our KB article for more information.

Thank you for choosing ASPnix!