Public Pay Addon Module changelog & release details

Version 2.5.6 – Released 11.27.2018

Added support for FontAwesome 5 icons (with FA v4 fallback) for WHMCS 7.6+

Version 2.5.5 – Released 06.25.2018

Resolved an issue where PayPal payments would give an error

Version 2.5.4 – Released 06.16.2018

Added full support for the new Coinbase Commerce system
PayPal IPN verification now uses the GuzzleHttp client

Version 2.5.2 – Released 04.05.2018

Added option to display the current credit balance to the paying user

Version 2.5.1 – Released 03.15.2018

Resolved an issue where the payment amounts were shown in the wrong currency

Version 2.5.0 – Released 11.16.2017

Resolved an issue with the PayPal icon not loading properly
Updated to support the v3 build of the ASPnix core licensing system and helpers

Version 2.1.0 – Released 07.10.2017

Updated to work with the new ASPnix 2.0 licensing system
Updated the public pay addon output to use the WHMCS 7 look and feel

Version 2.0.9 – Released 06.27.2017

Resolved issue with duplicate column on module upgrade

Version 2.0.8 – Released 05.19.2017

Resolved an issue with the language file not properly loading with WHMCS 7.2

Version 2.0.7 – Released 12.08.2016

Fixed an issue where payments did not display to the client if the option "Last Payments Displayed" was set to "All"

Version 2.0.6 – Released 10.06.2016

Updated to support the new Coinbase module for API v2.0
Various callback improvements

Version 2.0.5 – Released 06.22.2016

Fixed a issue with displaying payments made in a currency other than USD

Version 2.0.2 – Released 03.28.2016

Fixed a SQL error that would cause a blank page when changing the displayed public pay name

Version 2.0.1 – Released 02.11.2016

Fixed a SQL error that can occur if the PayPal call has no fee defined
Automatically add the Public Pay link to the "Shortcuts" menu

Version 2.0.0 – Released 07.29.2015

Complete rewrite for WHMCS 6
Show client's hash id on the "Profile" tab
Option to specify the receiving paypal address
Option to specify the payment description to the end user
Option to enable / disable displaying payments to client
Option to state how many payments to display to client
Templates improved and cleaned up from previous release
Performance improvements for large installations 

Version 1.1.7 – Released 07.16.2015

Fixed an issue with payment dates being incorrect
Removed support for Dwolla / Dwolla payments

Version 1.1.5 – Released 07.14.2015

Full support for WHMCS 6.0

Version 1.1.0 – Released 01.26.2015

Removed support for Google Wallet (Google retired)
Fixed an issue where payments are not being logged properly for the client
Added support for the ASPnix Dwolla Payment Gateway

Version 1.0.8 – Released 11.03.2014

Improvements to how multiple PayPal email accounts are handled
Fix for missing fields on module SQL table on new installs
Some minor refactoring / improvements

Version 1.0.6 – Released 10.14.2014

Small misc. improvements

Version 1.0.5 – Released 08.28.2014

Removed the requirement on the Smarty "Capitalize" plugin

Version 1.0.4 – Released 06.16.2014

Multi-currency support completed
Removed hard-coded english language text in templates
Integrated the ASPnix Google Wallet payment gateway as an additional method
Various small improvements and bug fixes
Added success / error message handling for payments
Payment confirmation email now properly includes the transaction id
Licensing improvements to prevent errors during license checks

Version 1.0.2 – Released 05.22.2014

Various javascript validation / JQuery improvements
Privacy upgrades, allows clients to specify how the public sees their account name

Version 1.0.1 – Released 05.21.2014

Module now supports WHMCS 5.0 - 5.3. Tested and confirmed to work with these releases.

Version 1.0.0 – Released 05.19.2014

Initial Release