What versions of PHP are available for shared hosting?

We do our best to keep the PHP releases updated to their latest versions to fix performance issues, security concerns, exploits and other issues, however we cannot always immediately jump on new versions of PHP. Our systems offer the following PHP versions…

  • 5.2.x (Windows Only)
  • 5.3.x (Windows Only)
  • 5.4.x
  • 5.5.x
  • 5.6.x
  • 7.0.x
  • 7.1.x
  • 7.2.x
  • 7.3.x

PHP v4 is not supported on any of our systems, v4 is very much out of its life cycle and most scripts have moved on to support v5. If you still require this legacy version we recommend you check out our VPS and Dedicated server offerings; these solutions allow you to install and configure your own PHP setup and version of your choice.