What new changes to expect in the coming age of IOT?

The internet of things revolution is happening right now. Things are moving fast and nobody fully knows where it will take us. Here is what we do know.


More and more devices are coming out that seem like they would have been science fiction only last year but beware, vaporware and overly hyped up imaginations are literally everywhere. As the pace of things picks up so will the hype. Retail, Healthcare and Industrial sectors will see the biggest changes. Those changes have been coming for some time, but we are really only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Wearable devices, factory machinery and more personalized customer facing devices are here and there is no telling where they will stop.


We should expect some growing pains as our devices wont always play nicely with each other. Simply because there aren’t always previously agreed upon ways of interacting. Various brands and manufacturers will have completely different ways of doing things in the beginning. Without standardization there will be increases in unforeseeable problems. This will guarantee a kind of “burn in period” where things will be frustrating for customers, employees and business owners until we all begin to agree upon standards of communication, behavior and operation.


With new technology comes new exploits. There just isn’t any other way around it, and without standardization more available exploits will occur now than ever. With so many new things being added into the mix there will be a sudden need for new precautions and in turn there will most likely be rapidly shifting expectations placed on data security professionals coupled with a rising need for more of them. Even possibly in industries that wouldn’t have needed to worry as much about cyber-security in the past.


The increase in data is going to be fast, and where there is data there needs to be methods in place for that kind of storage and for interaction and utilization with such immense amounts of data. How we analyze our data will grow and adapt. How we store and access that data will also see changes as things progress. Hosting companies like ASPnix who are passionate about adopting and supplying access to the newest technologies for developers and businesses will be indispensable in this growing movement.

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