3 Reasons to Learn JavaScript, especially if you are a Designer.

JavaScript isn’t like HTML or CSS. If you don’t learn it you won’t find yourself out of work as a Designer, but disregard it at your own peril. It is the backbone of how your websites function for mobile, desktop and tablets. It’s also the easiest language to learn. So what could it do for you?


It wont be easy to master a new programming language and JavaScript isn’t the only kid on the block. So why choose this one over the others? Because it is one of the easiest ones to gain a grasp of rapidly. Gaining a functional understanding over it would be much easier than say C#, C++, Java, XAML, Ruby, Python, PHP, or any other of them. By comparisson JavaScript seems a breeze to pick up and learn quickly.

Its easier to use not just easier to learn. You don’t need any specialized code compiler or a local server to run JavaScript on. You can run the code in a browser like HTML. That means you can work simpler, with less opportunity for frustration and less in your way to learn and grow. Last but not least education/documentation is clearly of no concern either. There are a plethora of places to find lessons, tutorials and needed info to help you. Web forums, online or offline classes, local meetups, community hacker spaces, or just a book from the plain old library are readily available. There is a million options to get started.


JavaScript is one of the three essential building blocks to the web and its highly supported everywhere you look. Popups, menus and buttons, live timers, and other useful things are easy to make with Javascript. Ultimately, as a designer it will add to and compliment the skills you already have. It isn’t a whole new thing as much as an extension to what you already know. This means that it will become another tool for what you do everyday and is a way to invest in yourself. 


If you are a designer already comfortable with HTML and CSS then JavaScript is definitely your very next step in making yourself better. You can use it for server side applications, frontend development, native mobile apps, desktop app extensions, you can even use it with small electronics boards. A wide range of possible applications means your newfound knowledge will come in handy more and more. Furthermore, with so many opportunities for use, you might open up more than a few exciting new possibilities you hadn’t even considered.