3 Reasons it could be time to switch to a Virtual Private Server

A VPS isn’t the right choice for everyone but its worth asking yourself the question, “is it for me?”. Virtual Private Servers are an incredible tool at your disposal and can be indispensable to some.

What is a VPS?

As far as options go a Virtual Private Server fits right in between a Dedicated Server and a Shared Hosting Service. You don’t have to share resources with other users, and you get access to more options for customization but you still won’t have to deal with a physical server that you own and need to worry about maintaining and servicing.


Have you outgrown or are you close to outgrowing your Shared Hosting Service? If your site continues to grow and grow it might be time to upgrade to the next logical step and consider a VPS. Maybe your site is starting to feel sluggish, even despite your best efforts to optimize you are receiving so much through traffic that performance is taking a hit. If this sounds familiar then it is probably time to grow.


Do you need more control over your hosting environment? You want to choose your OS and your control panel, pick specific amounts of resources, pick the amount of RAM and storage you will need. Options that aren’t just a part of a plan come from these types of services. You can get involved with what you want and not just click a plan and take what is offered. If you have questions companies like ASPnix will spend the time on the phone with you to help you figure things out. They offer 24/7 support after your a customer as well. If this type of thing sounds like a good idea then talk to a tech or a sales rep at 1-303-552-0227 for details or even just prices. You would probably be surprised by how affordable most of the options are. 

A Dedicated Server is overkill

VPS is an option for efficiency. It isn’t a full blown Dedicated Server because you may not need one yet. It is a middle of the road compromise but don’t be fooled, compromise is not a bad thing in this case. In business we need to consider efficiency as a means to grow without exasperating resources which are better served for other tasks. A Virtual Private Servers efficiency comes from the time saved on human resources, monetary resources, hardware expenses and overall labor. All of those things are done for you by your provider.

If you are considering a VPS and need a great place to get started, check out ASPnix Dedicated Virtual Servers. They are award winning, helpful and friendly. They have a 30 Day satisfaction Guarantee and a 100% Uptime Guarantee as well. So, you don’t have anything to lose by trying it out.