MSSQL01-DE (EU Datacenter) Outage / Service Interruption (Resolved)

We are currently investigating the issue with MSSQL01-DE Server in our European Datacenter. Technicians have been dispatched to examine the server and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

There will be further update in this post once we confirm the problem and/or resolve it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we resolve this!

6 thoughts on “MSSQL01-DE (EU Datacenter) Outage / Service Interruption (Resolved)”

  1. The MSSQL Server is now back online and the issue has been resolved. The server has failed to automatically restart after applying windows updates which caused it to hang on the reboot. The remote hard-reset was not affective right away so we had to manually reboot the server and make sure windows boots properly (rather than into recovery mode).

    We’ll continue to monitor the server and if any activity looks suspicious we’ll perform maintenance during off-peak hours on weekend.

    Thank you again!

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