MX01 Outage / Service Issues (Resolved)

We are currently working to address an issue with the MX01 SmarterMail service. We’ve been unable to fully start since as it crashes after a short period of time. We are working on getting the service back online as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

UPDATE #1: SmarterTools has been contacted we are waiting for their developers and support agents to find the cause of the crashing / stalling.

UPDATE #2: SmarterTools has responded and are currently on our server investigating the issue.

UPDATE #3: SmarterTools developers are currently analyzing the crash dump to determine the cause.

UPDATE #4: SmarterTools developers have stated the crash is related to the HTML Agility Module of SmarterMail. There is a stack overflow that is triggering an exception that is taking down the service. The lead developer and the support team are testing a fix.

UPDATE #5 (1:35PM MST): SmarterTools developers have provided us a new build that should fix the issue. They are applying it now.

UPDATE #5 (2:01PM MST): SmarterTools developers have applied the new build, however it has not resolved the issue. They are analyzing the new crash dump now.

UPDATE #6 (3:04PM MST): SmarterTools developers have resolved the issue. We will issue a report in another blog post shortly.