Does ASPnix allow hosting of warez or pornographic content?

We do not allow warez of any kind anywhere within our network, servers, and services. This includes hosting of pirated or unlicensed / copyrighted material (without the written consent of the author or copyright holder), running of pirated, “nulled,” or “keygen” web applications or distributing pirated, copyrighted or unlicensed material. Note that giving or spreading links to copyright / warez material is not allowed as this is considered distributing.

Users who are found in violation of this will be terminated without notice and their domain(s) and information reported to the owner of each infringing item. We will fully cooperate with any law enforcement officials or copyright holders if suspicion of illegal activity is found.

We do not allow adult oriented content on our shared hosting services, however, you may host adult oriented content on one of or VPS or Dedicated server offerings.